Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Market Starts this Sunday

This Sunday, Dec 5th is our very first Winter Market day. We are really looking forward to this and we hope to see you there. We will be giving away a Free T-shirt to the first 50 shoppers. So, get there early to get yours.

Kids and adults sizes + many fun, foodie styles available.

all natural ingredients girl 

T-shirts will be $5 each after that with all proceeds to benefit the Rhinebeck Farmers’ Market / John Honey Scholarship Fund.

WINTER Market Report

Here’s what you can expect to find at the winter market.

Berkshire Blue

Great Barrington, MA
An American blue cheese made in Berkshire County, MA from whole unpasteurized Jersey cow’s milk.(available through Julia & Isabella)

Block Factory Tamales

Germantown, NY
A wide variety of tamales featuring local produce, poultry and meats.

 Block Factory Tamales

Beth's Farm Kitchen

beths farm kitchen jam

(available through Quattro's Game Farm)
Stuyvesant Falls, NY
Jams and chutneys made in the Hudson Valley from locally grown fruits in an 1850's farmhouse.
Cascade Mountain Winery

Amenia, NY
Award winning wine made from locally grown grapes. Dijon mustard made with their own Seyval Blanc white wine. Cascade Mt. will attend the market on the following dates: 12/5, 1/2, 1/30, 2/27, 3/27 & 4/24

cascade mt wines 

Cayuga Pure Organics
(available through Wild Hive Farm)
Brooktondale, NY
Organic dried beans such as black, pinto, navy and kidney.
Cowberry Crossing Farm

Claverack, NY
50 acre farm committed to humane, sustainable farming and the use of organic/biodynamic methods. Root vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, carrots, parsnip, winter squash, cabbage, garlic, onions, herbs, chicken, eggs, beef, pork, lamb and rabbit. All animals are fed exclusively on organic feed and spend their days roaming freely on the farm.

  garlicpotatoes, butterball, taliaferro

Farm Country Soup

Southfield, MA
All natural handmade soups and stews that vary with the seasons and emphasizes local and organic ingredients. Fruit pies, savory tarts, croustades, quiche, frittata and quesadilla all made with the same ingredient driven, local focus. Farm County Soup will attend the market on the following dates: 12/19, 1/2, 1/16, 2/13, 3/13, 4/10

 quiche and frittatapumpkin pie

Georgia's Homemade Granola from Little Lamoree

(available through Julia & Isabella Fine Fare)
Milan, NY
Locally produced, small batch, toasted granola with maple syrup from the Hudson Valley and lots of nuts. Wildly popular.


Harpersfield Cheese

(available through Julia & Isabella Fine Fare)
Harpersfield, NY
A wide variety of flavored Tilsit Cheeses.

  local cheese sign, julia and isabella

Highland Farm

Germantown, NY
Local, farm-raised, heart healthy venison. All cuts, plus sausages and smoked items. Also available: buffalo, ostrich, quail, wild boar and rabbit.

  venison smoked tenders

burgers ostrich buffalo venison buffalo

Hudson Valley Foie Gras
(available through Quattro's Game Farm)
Ferndale, NY
Superior quality Foie gras and duck products.
Julia & Isabella Fine Fare

Clermont, NY
518 857-9110
An ever-changing selection of prepared foods such as pastas, pot pies, cottage pies, meatloaf, mac & cheese, scalloped potatoes, chili, pulled pork, sauces, pesto, etc. created using fresh, local and seasonal products. Selection of local cheese from Sprout Creek Farm, Twin Maple Farm, Harpersfield and Berkshire Blue

julia and isabella sign   meals to go meri puccio   

Little Seed Gardens

Chatham, NY
Family owned and operated farm growing 50 varieties of certified organic vegetables and many types of specialty greens. Greenhouse grown peas shoots, spinach, arugula and lettuces as well as winter greens, root vegetables such as radish, turnips, potatoes, onion, shallot, carrot, beet, celeriac, leeks, winter squash, turnips and herbs.

Little Seed Gardens  kale, red and green


Pine Bush, NY
Artisinal goat milk cheeses from their award-winning herd of naturally raised Nubian & La Mancha dairy goats. Fresh and aged chevre, goat feta, fresh goat ricotta, goat milk, and goat meat.

 lynnhaven cheese

Migliorelli Farm

Tivoli, NY
845 757-3276
Apples, pears, hot and cold apple & pear cider, cider donuts, wide variety of winter greens, root vegetables such as carrots, beets, black radish, daikon radish, parsnips, brussel sprouts and winter squash. Frozen vegetables such as their own corn and beans. Plus cuts of their own pork.

   Dandelion Greens Migliorelliparsnips

onion redonion yellow

 pears 3  apples pears migliorelli           

Our Daily Bread

Chatham, NY
Artisan breads utilizing European traditional methods, equipment and ovens. Pastries, pies, cakes and more, made from scratch using local ingredients.

our daily bread sign our daily bread emily zvi 

Quattro's Game Farm

Pleasant Valley, NY
845 635-2018
Third generation family poultry and game farm raising chicken, pheasants, ducks, geese, rabbits, domestic & wild turkeys without chemicals or antibiotics. Eggs from chickens, pheasant, wild turkey, duck and geese. Smoked chicken, turkey, duck, pheasant, pheasant sausage. Hudson Valley Foie Gras products.

chicken eggs

smoked turkey smoked duck  

The River Garden

Catskill, NY
Wide variety of farm raised & dried flowers, herbs and ornamentals in bunches, bouquets and wreaths. Fresh eucalyptus, cedar, pussy willow, curly willow, quince blossom, forsythia blossom and daffodils.

 wheat wreathchile wreatheucalyptus

Spacey Tracy's Pickles

Rhinebeck, NY
Spacey Tracy's pickles and jellies originated out of her kitchen a decade ago as gifts to her friends and local taverns. The word spread and the rest is history.

 spacey tracydilly carrots

Sprout Creek Farm

(available through Julia & Isabella Fine Fare)
Poughkeepsie, NY
Artisinal cow's milk farmstead cheeses including Toussaint, Ouray and Barat.

Sprout Creek Cheese 

Tousey Farm & Winery

Germantown, NY
Honey, creamed honey and comb honey. Hand-dipped beeswax candles. Preserves made with their berries and currants. Dried currants. Hot and cold currant juice. Red & white wine. Cassis. Maple syrup.

 tousey honeytousey beeswax candles

Twin Maple Farm
(available through Julia & Isabella Fine Fare)
Ghent, NY
Producers of Hudson Red. A washed rind, soft & sweet, raw Jersey cow’s milk cheese.
Wild Hive Farm

Clinton Corners, NY
Micro mill and bakery that stone grinds locally grown, organic grains in small batches to provide you with fresh and nutritious whole grain products such as breads, fresh pasta & ravioli, pizza, spinach pie, samosa, cookies, crackers, lemon squares, brownies, biscuits, and scones. Freshly milled flours and grains. Also Cayuga Pure Organics Dried Beans.


Wiltbank Farm

Saugerties, NY
Several varieties of oyster and shiitake mushrooms. Sunflower and bean shoots, alfalfa sprouts and wheatgrass.

 oyster mushsunflower sprouts muddy farm 003

Plus: Rhinebeck Farmers’ Market Merchandise

Our long sleeve “Tractor” T-shirt $20.

Many colors and sizes available.

t-shirt tractor 2010

Our Orange Tote Bag - Only$2

A great re-usable way to wrap a gift!

tote bag

Packet of Greeting Cards - featuring our favorite lino-cut T-shirt designs from over the years.

Set of 8 cards for $10

green cards lino cut rhinebeck farmers market gina palmer illustrations

All proceeds from merchandise sales benefit the Rhinebeck Farmers’ Market

Rhinebeck WINTER Farmers’ Market

This Sunday, Dec 5th at the Rhinebeck Town Hall

80 East Market St, Rhinebeck, NY

10am – 2pm

Details at

We hope to see you there!